All about Tuffcode...

Tuffcode is an independent software house based in the United Kingdom.

I started the company in 2004 when working as a contractor. I've been a software developer for the last eight years at companies including General Motors, BMW, HP, Friends Provident, 3, BSkyB, Alcatel and Chung Wa Telecom (Taiwan).

When a friend of mine (hello Long Ben!) showed me his PowerBook all those years ago, I was completely smitten. The Aqua user interface just blew me away and I loved the fact it was pretty much FreeBSD underneath. Who says beauty is only skin deep! Needless to say, as soon as I'd cleared it with The Boss (my now-wife) I rushed out and bought one for myself.

At the time, as now, I was doing a lot of work with set-top boxes and one tool I really missed from my old PC was an HTTP sniffer. If a software upgrade or configuration change caused an STB to freeze, it was really handy to see the messages going back-and-forth without resorting to littering my code with JavaScript alerts (which never show up particularly well on a TV anyway). Also, I was doing a bit of work with web services and I found a sniffer really handy for this too.

So I started playing around with Xcode to see if I could hack something together which would work well enough for what I needed. I really expected to get stumped at some point and for the project to gradually gather dust in some dark corner of my cvs repository. Much to my surprise, everything just came together somehow and so I released it to see if anyone else was interested.

Those brave souls who picked up 1.0 of HTTP Scoop were incredibly supportive and patient in helping me iron out the many bugs and general weirdness of that and the next couple of versions. I am eternally grateful to them for their feedback, encouragement and crash reports.

Well, we're at version 1.4 now which should prove a lot more useful and stable than those first releases. If you're an HTTP Scoop veteran, I really hope you like the new features and find the app more responsive and useable. If you're playing with the app for the first time, welcome to the family!

Take care,


James Rayner

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